Ibanez XPT700XH

Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Wizard III thru-neck
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: Sharktooth inlay
Bridge: Edge III bridge
NeckPU: DiMarzio® Air Norton-S™
BridgePU: DiMarzio® D Activator™
HW Color: BK
Finishes: GSF


The wicked XPT700XHGSF features a 27-fret 5-piece maple/walnut Wizard II thru-neck.

The demonic tones of the XPT700XHGSF are courtesy of a DiMarzio® Air Norton-S™ in the neck position and a DiMarzio® D Activator™ in the bridge.
The new Edge III is similar in construction and feel to the original Edge locking trem; however, it also features lower profile fine-tuners inspired by the Lo-PRO Edge and massive new-design saddles.


The Edge III features two screws in the arm pocket, which allow easy adjustment of the arm height and torque.

In the last two decades, no other guitar maker besides Ibanez has done so much to advance the art and science of the tremolo. The Edge III represents the next phase in locking tremolos.
  • All X-Series guitars (DTT Destroyer, XPT Xiphos, ICT Iceman) feature thru-neck construction for easier playability
  • Fast, flat and thin Wizard necks
  • Feature Gibraltar Custom bridges for wide intonation adjustment and heavier playing styles
  • Thru-body stringing for more sustain, tighter tension and superior articulation
  • USA-made DiMarzio® D Activator X™ pickups offer powerful active sound without active circuitry or batteries
  • Trem models with Edge III tremolo have the great feel of the original 1987 Edge tremolo, but with a lower profile for more comfort

Scale/Length 648mm/25.5"
a: Width at Nut 43mm
b: Width Last Fret 58mm
c: Thickness 1st Fret 19mm
d: Thickness 12th Fret 21mm
Radius 400mm
Bridge Pickup
Name: DiMarzio® D Activator™
Model No: N/A
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Loud yet clean, with rich harmonics. Responds instantly to hard or light pick attack.

Neck Pickup
Name: DiMarzio® Air Norton-S™
Model No: DP180
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Alnico
Description: It’s warm-sounding, very well balanced, and has the same unique tonal characteristics as the original. Its combination of medium output and harmonic bite are very effective for single-note soloing as well as chords.

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