Ibanez RG3570Z

Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Super Wizard Prestige
Body: Basswood body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: Wedge Sharktooth inlay
Bridge: Edge Zero bridge w/ZPS3
NeckPU: DiMarzio® Air Norton™ Neck
MiddlePU: DiMarzio® True Velvet™ Middle
BridgePU: DiMarzio® Tone Zone® Bridge
HW Color: CK
Finishes: LB, CA


Characteristics RG3570Z the powerful combination of DiMarzio ® ™ Air Norton in the neck position, DiMarzio ® True Velvet in the middle and DiMarzio ® Tone Zone ® in the bridge.

Maple RG3570Z of 5-parts / walnut Wizard Prestige neck is super slimmer for 2009 (17mm) and features a bound rosewood fingerboard and Wedge Sharktooth inlays.
The Edge-Zero, a new generation of Ibanez tremolo knife, deploys all unique features of the ZR trem. Locking pins to contribute to the stability of adjustment.


Trems Edge-Zero is standard on all RG Prestige, RG3000 and RGA Prestige models.

Rear view of the Edge Zero bridge with string system that allows radical trem effects ZPS3 with flawless precision adjustment.

Just unscrew the built-in tool for setting the tone of the base and screw it into the bottom of each saddle for quick adjustment.

The latch is offset from the center of the saddle, which allows easy access to the screw without loosening the strings.
  • Precision-made in Japan by Ibanez’s finest luthiers
  • Super Wizard neck features the legendary ultra-thin, ultra-flat Wizard 17mm neck dimensions, but with 5-pc construction and KTS™ Titanium reinforcement rods for even greater strength (RG3000 series models)
  • RG Prestige fixed bridge models feature Tight-End bridge for maximum string vibration
  • RG3000 series models feature genuine made-in-USA DiMarzio® pickups
  • 6-, 7-, and 8-string models available
  • Includes deluxe Prestige case (most models)

Scale/Length 648mm/25.5"
a: Width at Nut 43mm
b: Width Last Fret 58mm
c: Thickness 1st Fret 17mm
d: Thickness 12th Fret 19mm
Radius 430mm
Bridge Pickup
Name: DiMarzio® Tone Zone®
Model No: DP155
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Alnico
Description: Hot enough to qualify as a pick-up high-yielding, but has a wider dynamic range - hard picking produce much power, and softer picking will be much cleaner and quieter.

Middle Pickup
Name: DiMarzio® True Velvet™
Model No: DP175S
Construction: Single Coil
Magnet: Alnico
Description: A pickup vintage single coil that is clean and bright, but always designed for soft noise when taking over the 12th fret. Coil is tuned to a frequency range that is bright but not thin.

Neck Pickup
Name: DiMarzio® Air Norton™
Model No: DP193
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Alnico
Description: The tone is deep and warm but not muddy. It's hot, but not distorted. There are even cool harmonics, which are really unusual for a neck humbucker.

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