Ibanez RGD2127Z

Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Wenge
Neck Type: Wizard-7 Prestige (26.5")
Body: Basswood body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl dot inlay
Bridge: Edge Zero 7 bridge w/ZPS3
NeckPU: V77 Custom
BridgePU: V87 Custom
HW Color: CK
Finishes: ISH

The Edge Zero 7, the newest generation of Edge knife-edge tremolos, employs design advantages from the high tech ZR Zero Resistance trem such as the Zero Point System, an onboard intonation screw and arm torque adjustment.

RGD2127Z ISH features V77/V87 custom designed pickups for down tuning. These pickups are specially designed for capturing more low-end by regenerating a wider tonal range. Instead of losing the low-end, they output it with rich, harmonic tone.

A 26.5" extra long scale neck, with factory-set whole step down tuning. (Factory tuning: 1D, 2A, 3F, 4C, 5G, 6D, 7A.)
The Edge-Zero, Ibanez's newest generation of knife edge tremolos, deploys all of the unique features of the ZR trem. Locking studs contribute to tuning stability.


Edge-Zero trems are standard on all RG Prestige, RG3000 and RGA Prestige models.

Back view of the Edge Zero bridge with ZPS3 string system which allows radical trem effects with flawless tuning accuracy.

Just unscrew the built-in intonation adjustment tool from the base and screw it into the bottom of each saddle for quick adjustments.

The locking bolt is offset from the center of the saddle, which allows easy access to the bolt without loosening the strings.
  • The lighting-fast Prestige Wizard HP necks are ultra-smooth, thin and strong, including KTS™ Titanium reinforcement
  • Precision-made in Japan with Prestige craftsmanship by Ibanez’s finest luthiers
  • Extra-long 26.5” neck scales
  • Extra-deep scoop cut on lower horn for high fret access
  • Edge-Zero bridge/tremolo with ZPS3 system for tuning stability
  • V7/V8 pickups output full and deep low-end and more
  • Full-step down factory tuning: D-G-C-F-A-D (6th to 1st strings)
  • RGD2127 is 7-string model, tuned A-D-G-C-F-A-D (7th to 1st strings)
Scale/Length 672mm/26.5"
a: Width at Nut 48mm
b: Width Last Fret 68mm
c: Thickness 1st Fret 19mm
d: Thickness 12th Fret 21mm
Radius 430mm
Bridge Pickup
Name: V87 Custom
Model No: V87 Custom
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Alnico
Description: Rich, harmonic tone with clarity in low-end.

Neck Pickup
Name: V77 Custom
Model No: V77 Custom
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Smooth and dynamic tone with warm mid-range.

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